• Crowd-Sourced BUDGETing

    Budgeting in the context of non-profits, churches, cooperatives and employee-owned enterprises can be intimidating and overly complex for members and staff. It is generally done from a template with line-items that have survived from year to year if not by real interest, then by temerity of those working on the budget to remove or revamp these line items and budgets. As new needs come to the organization, there may be some adjustment, but it can be slow and unresponsive. Zero-based budgeting offered a chance to review every line-item, but the sheer number of line items with theirabbreviated titles only makes this an esoteric exercise. What if the budget was cafeteria style. A buffet of projects on display so that eevry member got a chance to look it over and commit funds to it? What if each and every employee could create a fund-raising page for their particular job or mission and ask the membership or fellow employees to fund their project? What if each year the fund-raising page for every project would be re-assembled, revamped by the person doing the work to be funded? What if the budget were built line-item by line=item every year from these fund-raising pages and the pledges offered by the members of the organization. .