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    Compliance with regulations, care coordination, record-keeping and client monitoring in support of behavior programs and psych medication efficacy reviews can be complicated to set up so that they can be self-sustaining. NP-it, LLC offers services, consultation and products that support your efforts in this area. Audits of various ancillary services and record-keeping sometimes require outside reviews that NP-it can provide. Clinical and intern supervision and social services consultation for agency and practice process and for individual cases can be hard for smaller practices to accomodate. NP-it, LLC can provide this easily and affordably. Program evaluation, client questionaires and statistical analysis offer sophisticaton and precision equal to large institutions at a cost your smaller practice or agency can afford.


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    By using well-designed systems, NP-it has been able to reduce staffing and maintain equal or better services and compliance in practices and social work / social services settings. Putting the office in order can allow people to work more effectively and with less stress. Your office and staff can be more relaxed and more confident with NP-it systems and processes.


    Are you considering on-line services to your clients? Are you thinking about EMR? Wondering if you can email forms or provide a client portal for your practice or agency? Is your current or planned email system protected from hackers and viruses? Talk to NP-it consultants before you deploy and make sure you have covered the technology and regulatory bases.


    Would you like to offer supervision to staff looking to be licensed? This is a great benefit and a good way to develop your staff. NP-it can provide on-site clinical supervision for LPCCs and LSWs very cost-effectively. Does an internship program at your site seem like a great opportunity? We can also set up and manage internship programs with social work and psychotherapy schools in the area. You can receive invaluable assistance at your agency and also get a chance to groom candidates for new positions at your site. This can be done quite inexpensively for your agency or practice with the assistance of NP-it.


    We offer training for a variety of topics that relate to healthcare and mental health professionals. This can be offered independently or as part of business or facility process review and redesign. In addition, we offer free or inexpensive interactive seminars / discussions for you and your staff on variety of subjects of general interest to healthcare professionals and managers. Most of these seminars are live, in-person, some are offered as webinars or as a combination. This is noted on the schedule. For more information click here for the schedule.


    This section is provided to offer some useful resources for agencies and staff. NP-it, LLC offers assistance with these if you wish. Just call us.
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